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SizeWidthLengthSleeve length from throat
S52cm (20in)68cm (26in)53cm (20in)
M53cm (21in)74cm (29in)57cm (22in)
L58cm (23in)76cm (30in)60cm (23in)
XL62cm (24in)77cm (30in)60cm (23in)
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Sweatshirt skater_falls. E-404 x OTDEL

 120  60

In the modern world of oversaturation with information skateboarding is becoming one of the most demanded and dominant youth subcultures while skaters are becoming new rock-stars. An unprecedented increase in the number of media has blurred the lines which divided many established genres and movements, therefore, undermining their essence. But it seems like skateboarding only benefits from it. The hype machine does not destroy it but adds to its popularity with every passing year. It's happening due to the fact that skateboarding “preaches” 2 things, that Generation Z with its conformist upbringing is lacking – freedom and protest.

Having analyzed tons of information we have decided to seek the beauty of skateboarding on the reverse of the medal, namely in the tricks that went wrong. The key idea of our collaboration is that during the fall, a rider and his board form bizarre geometric figures, which have no name, no classification and usually will never happen again.

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90% – cotton, 10% – polyester

Made of soft French terry fabric
Round neckline
DTG (Direct to garment printing)
Drop shoulder
Left sleeve's cuff is blue
Machine wash at or below 40°C (105°F)
Your mom will like it

Made in Saint-Petersburg

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