Open your eyes and let your inner child see the world. Be free to see in ordinary an unusual thing. Forget about all preconceptions and follow your heart where it leads you to. These are the points of view cultivated by photographer Artem Bryukhov and illustrator Ksenia Cheremnova, the founders of a new brand E-404. It’s identity is based on streetwear combined with references to the primitivism art movement, the guys’ favorite TV shows from their teenagehood and un-bedazzled but not so trivial things that their eyes accidentally catch in everyday life.

E-404 is a story told from a very particular perspective – like a child speaks about what he truly feels using very simple but clear form of language. The designers follow the path that was well-trodden by naïve art artists, who were never afraid to use bold color palette supported by childlike mise-en-scènes. e404 is not about complicated design – it’s about bright colouring and contrasting prints inspired by the works of Kazemir Malevich, Alexander Rodchenko, Natalia Goncharova and Timur Novikov. The silhouettes are plain and a little bit rustic: hoodies and sweatshirts, training pants and loosy t-shirts.

The brand has already been noticed by international press like Hypebeast and Indie Magazine, which see E-404 aesthetics as “futuristic world that is also eerily childish”. Probably, this is the best characteristic for what Artem Bryukhov and Ksenia Cheremnova do as desginers.